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Pocketbiz is the mobile Field Sales Automation solution for sales representatives, van sales representatives and merchandising auditors.

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Pocketbiz equips your field salesforce to sell smarter, sell bigger, sell faster. It’s optimized for onsite sales using cutting edge mobile technologies.

Increase sales.

By optimizing merchandising and other administrative tasks, sales reps can concentrate on selling. It's expert interface optimizes the time needed for the details of a sales order.  So your team will be more efficient in covering their area, by ordering faster it achieves more orders per day.


SiEBEN, apart from its excellent design and implementation, is distinguished for its know-how in assessing the needs of a company and implementing innovative IT solutions like Pocketbiz.

Mr. Loulis Nikos, General Manager


Boost Productivity.

We increase the performance of the sales field team, by giving them a complete picture of the customer. Know your customers with ultimate Pocketbiz contact management. Monitor provided KPIs and analyze to define your strategy and objectives. Optimize your sales promotions and processes.


Pocketbiz has contributed significantly to increasing the productivity of our mobile workers. 

- Marios Kanellos, IT Manager



Eliminate errors.

Removes the complexity of paperwork and provides, in real time, a clear view of sales activity. All your valued data are synchronized safe and secured on your ERP (2-way integration) and are up to date. That means error free procedures and administration cost reduction.